We have assembled some of the most popular questions that we receive below. If your question is not here, or if you would like additional information on any aspect of our website or the products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our representatives are eager to help you.

Q. Do you have names from all over the world in your database?
A. YES. We currently have in excess of one million family names from all over the world in our database. In addition we have the largest library of its kind in the world, with access to information to milions of additional names. While the majority of names in our database tend to be of European origin we also have Asian, Middle Eastern and African-American names.

Q. Are the Family Name Histories completely authentic?
A. YES. Each of our Family Name Histories has been individually researched at the specific request of a customer. Each fact contained in our Family Name History has been inserted because of its relevance to that particular name.

Q. What is a Coat of Arms?
A. A Coat of Arms is an identifying mark or heraldic form of indetification dating back to the European Middle Ages. The practice has its origins in the necessity to enable identification on the battlefield and out of this it developed, in parallel, into a form of denoting military or other types of distinguished recognition for individuals, families, orginizations or institutions. The symbols in the Coat of Arms represented hopes, ambitions and aspirations. Basically, what a family stood for.

Q. I'm not sure of the origin of my name, can you tell?
A. YES. This is what we are qualified to do. Our research historians, using our library of resource materials, will study all aspects of your name to determine its origin, including the Country of origin.

Q. How long will it take to receive the products I ordered?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee shipping times. Times vary based on each individual order, quantities and products selected. Contact us for an estimated list of shipping times based on some of our more popular items.